Civil War Soldier Statue in Washington DC

History experts know that the first American Civil War was not about freeing slaves. It was about financial greed and power. The slaves, regardless of color, ethnicity or gender, were merely a commodity or production tool for sale, not human beings deserving the right to pursue happiness as the constitution provided. Our precious United States of America is currently in a Spiritual First Civil War Pattern. Global Elite and other political groups are vying for this nation’s good reputation, resources and power. This is likened to the South who still wanted rights to do with slaves as they pleased…even murder them. Today that side does not value human life either. It is killing millions in our country, and is fervently trying to eliminate those who are not “convenient (young) nor productive (elderly)” in our society. The North used that weakness to strengthen their political goals. The three divisions of the republic which were formed to keep each branch from having too much power, have stepped out of their original bounds of function. Chaos and injustice prevails. Things are at their worst today!

The spiritual is also in the natural.. Kingdom of darkness spiritual strongholds are driving this war. We are living under a stronghold of deception. Christians should joyfully, without fear, serve their God who is Truth, Love, the Creator, Almighty God of all that is, was and ever shall be, who has good plans for the United States of America. We must show compassion and tough love towards human beings in our nation who are under the delusion of the evil strongholds which contradict the Laws of God. Our constitution was based upon these laws. We must ask Holy Spirit to infuse us with the hate of evil and the strength to fight it with His weapons of war. God once told me that the most powerful weapon in creation is true, pure love. If you are not sure what that looks like, read 1 Corinthians 13.

Ephesians 6:10-13 (NEB) Finally then, find your strength in the Lord, in His mighty power. Put on all the armour God provides, so that you may be able to stand firm against the devices of the devil. For our fight is not against human foes, but against cosmic powers, against authorities and potentates of this dark world, against the superhuman forces of evil in the heavens. Therefore, take up God’s armour; then you will be able to stand your ground when things are at their worst,to complete every task and still stand.

Many of us have heard this scripture, even memorized it. Do you understand what it really means? It is time for Christians to wake up and fight this spiritual civil war! This can possibly avert physical civil war and bring back The Republic of the United States of America. Pray and vote!

Love in Christ Jesus,
Sandra S. Skinner-Young

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