A.C.A.C.I.A. prayer counselors are trained and certified in biblical counseling using the Word of God and prayer under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

A.C.A.C.I.A. ministers to individuals, couples, families, groups, and specializes in Dissociative Issues.   Many people need help to work through known and hidden problems which cause trouble in everyday life, especially those issues which keep repeating.  Many issues faced today are really “family problems”.  Whether it is anorexia, bulimia, rebellion, sexual promiscuity, drug problems, domestic violence, verbal, emotional, physical, spiritual or sexual abuse, there are destructive generational and family behavior traits which, once identified, can be eliminated by implementing God’s principles.

The Prayer Counselor works with Holy Spirit to identify those obstacles that prevent a person from reaching their full potential and destiny.  Through prayer, God is able to bring healing and hope back into a persons’ life.  Practical tools are also presented to assist a person to continue to work toward wholeness in their everyday life.

Prayer Counseling is offered on a flexible schedule to best meet the needs of the client.  Sessions may be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis.  We also offer an Intensive Prayer Counseling Week.  This week typically consists of 12 – 16 hours of ministry over a 4 day period.  Often homework is assigned between sessions.  Much can be accomplished using this format as distractions from daily life are minimized.  This is a good option for those who are traveling from outside of the Spokane area.

A.C.A.C.I.A. does not minister to persons currently struggling with alcoholism and other addictions.  No hypnosis is used.

“Today I’m a unique, gifted counselor, able to effectively minister to various issues, including DID.  Unless I mention my past, others don’t know where I came from.”

– SB