The A.C.A.C.I.A. mentoring program is competency based.  It credits a counselor for what they already know while offering opportunity to gain expertise in dissociative prayer counseling.  The confirmed applicant mentors for varying lengths of time throughout the year and also may travel with their mentor for experience.

This program’s purpose is to create a world wide staff of highly competent prayer counselors to minister to severely broken people and train others to do the ministry.

The time I spent mentoring with Sandra was rich, enlightening and rewarding. We counseled a rich assortment of individuals, many of whom were DID-SRA. It was enlightening to encounter a multitude of different situations and it was rewarding to see areas of strength while discovering areas of weakness in a safe environment. The time I spent with Sandra gave me the assurance to counsel those in great need, and see God’s hand move on their lives.

– Wayne Bentz, Shammah Ministries