The Institute of Wholiness has the goal of providing biblically based training and education on many topics though classes, seminars, conferences, guest speaking and electronically created or published materials.  Participants are survivors, the general public, health care providers, counselors and the Body of Christ.  The healing and normalizing (common understanding) of dissociation is a primary focus of the Institute.

The ever expanding class offerings include basic, intermediate and advanced presentations.  Examples of seminar offerings include: marriage & family, parenting, generational blessings & curses, communication savvy, introduction to dissociative identity disorder (DID), basics of DID, basics of trauma, infiltration of the church, fears which block our faith, boundaries, etc.

The vision of A.C.A.C.I.A. is to create a new discipline, recognized and honored as a respected credential both academically and socially.

Celebrating  I AM: “Wholiness  CONCERT”

This is a richly diverse opportunity for counselors and their dissociative clients to gather for teaching, ministry and fellowship. It is for the purpose of “normalizing” dissociation through participation in activities helpful for the whole person.  What a relief to see other people who are also processing through their trauma, who are not “weird”!  This unique event usually lasts 4 – 6 days and, for security reasons, takes place in a closed campus setting.

  1. There is celebration corporately
  2. There are modules of teaching for all and time for individual reflection
  3. Workshops specifically for clients
  4. Workshops specifically for prayer counselors
  5. Interactive exercises for all


Practicums are designed for counselors, therapists and prayer counselors. They provide in-depth training specifically about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Each day is full of DID teachings and discussions.  Sessions are typically composed of attendees viewing pre-recorded or live counseling (via closed captioned TV) sessions with DID clients.  Directly following each session there is a time for questions and answers (Q&A). The practicum is designed after the Lebrie model of training: we eat together, relax together and at the end of the day reflect and share in a cozy setting.

Basic Practicum:  A 4 – 6 day event to learn how to do the very special interventions required for healing dissociation.

Advanced Practicum: The same format as the Basic and features how to identify programs, de-programming techniques for complex cases as well as counselor support skills.

Practicum Forums:   A two day rally of Praxis graduates for the purpose of Q&A, peer review, and sharing what the Holy Spirit is revealing.  Fellowship among counselors provides a rich exchange of information and support as they explore challenges, victories and the future.