A.C.A.C.I.A. offers consultations in a variety of situations.  Consultations have potential to refocus, invigorate, and encourage leadership in development or crisis.  Ministry groups may request consultation because they are experiencing disappointment and frustration and would like fresh eyes to review the situation.  Consultations with these groups often reveal many different versions of the “one vision” they should have in focus.  This can not only cause disappointment and frustration, but also may reveal a poor use of talent and funds.  New ministries that are just beginning may wish consultation to assist their leadership to develop the vision and identify talents.

Consultations for therapists and prayer counselors are also offered.  These counselors may invite their clients to receive ministry by A.C.A.C.I.A. while the counselor learns the prayer techniques and offers support during the ministry time.

Counselors may also schedule individual consulting appointments to ask questions to help their clients. This is especially important for severely traumatized persons (Dissociative) since relatively few counselors have had a lot of experience in this area.

“During the formative years of Desert Gardens, Sandra provided valuable personal encouragement, instilling confidence and imparting insightful direction and guidance, particularly in the area of interpersonal relationships and professional growth.  Her sincere, warmhearted manner brings ease and enjoyment to the process of consultation.”

– Bridget Shank, Founder / Director Desert Gardens