Hello.  I am glad that we could meet again.  Last time in # 2 we discussed the laws of sowing and reaping. Did you make time to think about the 2 other problems and find their bitter roots?

Once we judged or made negative conclusions about people, nature, situations, ourselves or God due to the real or perceived wounding or trauma we experienced, it hurts many aspects of our lives. It can negatively impact our identity, health, work, marriage, parenting, finances and relationships including God and our Kingdom of Light Authority. As we make or sow positive conclusions and decisions in our lives we also reap or experience good results in our lives. Just as a fruit tree bears the same kind of fruit as its seed, we experience the same results from what we sow. There is ideally more fruit each year as time goes by and our reaping also increases over time.

Once we know the bitter root of our problem how do we solve it? We use the Healing Process.

Healing Process

Step 1 Awareness:

Admitting the trauma/wound exists

Step 2 Confession:

Agreeing with God that sin exists in relationship to the trauma/wound

Step 3 Forgiveness:

Give up my right to get even with those who have or have been perceived to hurt me and entrust vengeance to a perfect Holy Judge of Righteousness in return for joy and peace.

Ps: 94:1, “O Lord, God of vengeance, God of vengeance, show thyself.”

Ps: 94:21-23, “For they put the righteous on trial for his life and condemn to death innocent men. But the Lord has been my tower, and God my rock of refuge; our God requites the wicked for their injustice, the Lord puts them to silence for their misdeeds.”

Those who have or have been perceived to hurt you could be God, self, others, nature or the spiritual realm. Forgiveness is the key to freedom. It is no wonder that Satan, all humanity’s arch enemy, would work so hard to confuse the understanding of forgiveness. We will be having special talks about forgiveness to give more clear understanding in later chats. There are many great books available on forgiveness also.

For now, forgiveness has two parts:

  1. Forgive: Whatever / whomever hurt you
  2. Ask forgiveness for your wrong thinking or actions

Step 4 Absolution:

This is best spoken to you by Christians who understand they are priests of the Most High God. They say, “You are forgiven in Jesus’ Name. Receive total release of penalty for your sin and be free. If there is no one, you can remind yourself and doing so out loud is very helpful.

Psalm 103: 10-12, “He has not treated us as our sins deserve or requited us for our misdeeds. For as the heaven stands high above the earth so his strong love stands high over all who fear him. Far as east is from west, so far has he put our offences away form us.”

Did you see the movie, Braveheart? It feels like that great ending when the hero shouts FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The similarity is the sin in us was put to death and the difference is we are now free to live a more abundant life.

There is also often a sense of feeling lighter. The evil entity must leave when it has no legal right [sin] to be there. We call that DELIVERANCE.

Step 5 Repentance:

This means to turn away from the old way of thinking or acting. Do a 180!

This process is not magic. It is a process most of the time and requires your will to change. The good news is that now you are able to effect the changes. Before you were aware of the judgments or powerful vows their bondage kept you from beingconsistently successful in developing new healthy holy habits. A vow is a special kind of negative conclusion or judgment. It is a promise to oneself. It usually sounds like,” I’ll never” or “I’ll always”. I knew a woman who vowed never to have children when she was a very small child because she thought that she was a burden for her parents. After 15 years of marriage and great sorrow over not being able to have children, she discovered the vow and broke it by the healing process. Ten months later she gave birth to a precious child.

I like the example of having been locked up in a prison cell. Once you have asked for forgiveness and given forgiveness, the cell door swings open. Holy Spirit will even help you up and out of the door once you choose to change and be free of the imprisonment. If you do not, you will remain sitting on the cot….so why be free?

Are you ready? I invite you go through the steps and claim your healing and freedom from each of your 3 problems. You will become a pro at finding your bitter roots and getting free. You may able to help others too. I call it weeding in my Bitter Root Garden. What a deal to exchange pain and problems, guilt and shame for joy and peace. That is the good news. It is only possible because of the love of Jesus Christ for you and the price He paid to make it possible.

I would highly recommend Rob Morrissett’s book, Pray Through It to get a firm understanding of sowing and reaping. It is an easy read full of many examples. Go to our store.

A more broad treatment of this concept is well done by Ed Kurath in his book, I Will Give You Rest. Go to our store.

For a deep theological treatment of these principles, the classic works of John and Paula Sandford are recommended. They are, Transformation of the Inner Man and Healing the Wounded Spirit. See Elijah House, Inc. link

I have enjoyed our time together and look forward to hearing about your journey to healing. Send us an email of your testimony!