Our goal is to be a resource not only for the individual, but also for professionals, clergy, family & support members. We look forward to serving you any way we can. Please be advised that the material on this site cannot and should not replace therapy from qualified counselors. Disclaimer

Overview of A.C.A.C.I.A. Ministries

A.C.A.C.I.A. LLC  is a non-denominational, international ministry built upon relationship with Holy Spirit. It uses Biblical  Principles to equip and empower  individuals, couples, families, groups or organizations who desire to produce balanced lives of unity, beauty, practicality and “wholiness’.

“Wholiness” is to be whole through holiness.  The mission of A.C.A.C.I.A. LLC is “Wholiness”. Jesus Christ revealed that His desire for us is to be perfected through unity.

“I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.”   John 17:23

A  primary goal of A.C.A.C.I.A is to normalize (bring to common understanding) dissociation and also offer healing for life’s general issues.  We do not minister to individuals who are chemically addicted.

The vision of A.C.A.C.I.A. is to create a new discipline, recognized and honored as a respected credential both academically and socially.

We provide prayer counseling.

We meet in person, ideally with an intercessor or mentoree.  We listen to you and at the same time to the Holy Spirit for His guidance via spiritual giftings or the principles in the Holy Bible. We discover what you believe about life situations and compare those beliefs with God’s truth. We evaluate significant spiritual dynamics occurring in the person’s life. If there are beliefs which have placed someone in bondage, we can pray through it. We also teach tools to help make the  changes which are possible once a person is free. Prayer counseling is not therapy and we are not therapists. We conduct this ministry at our offices or are available to travel to your area.  We charge by the hour. If you are interested in prayer counseling, please call our office for details.

***.  We do not do prayer counseling by e-mail or this website
***   Nothing on this site should be considered as therapy or to be a replacement for
qualified therapy by mental health professionals or prayer counselors.

We provide consultations for counselors and their clients.

We often see people who have had counseling for years, have been  hospitalized often  and have been prescribed many medications without much progress in healing or relief.

The severe trauma which produces broken personalities is not generally well understood nor treated by most psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists.  In fact, there is usually little practical education to prepare them well for this specific work.

These consultations give the opportunity for a therapist/prayer counselor to learn while their patient/client is receiving ministry.  The client is more comfortable being with a trusted therapist/prayer counselor and the professional is more secure and better equipped to continue interventions in their own practice.

Once a therapist/prayer counselor has worked with A.C.A.C.I.A., there is opportunity to conduct telephone consultations.

We conduct this ministry at our offices or are available to travel to your area.  We charge by the hour. If you are interested in prayer counseling, please call our office for details.

Mentoring: a program for counselors to learn how to do the very special type of prayer ministry required for healing dissociation.

This  is a competency based program for learning the  specifics of prayer counseling for Dissociative Identity Disordered Clients. A professional degree is not required. Pre-requisites are having completed the Elijah House, Inc. Basic Prayer Ministry Schools or German Team-F Prayer Ministry Schools.  A minimum of one year of general counseling/prayer counseling experience is required. The actual times of year and duration of program are flexible.  Travel and at times, international travel is a component of the program.  Teaching skills are an integral part of the program. If you are interested in applying, call our office.

Institute of Wholiness: to provide education about dissociation to the Body of Christ, counselors, victims, nurturers, intercessors, Christian leaders and the general public.

A strong branch of this ministry is teaching and equipping people regarding dissociation.

  1. We offer seminars to introduce the topic.
  2. We conduct conferences with expert guest speakers.
  3. We have very unique events for victims of severe trauma and their therapists/ prayer counselors to gather with others to be educated and to share strengths.
  4.  We also offer special enjoyable times for therapist/prayer counselors to gather for learning basic and  advanced material about dissociation.
  5. There also reunion events.
  6. We train support people.
  7. We train intercessors.
  8. We train entire congregations, medical office staff,  etc. basics of how to achieve a safe environment for interactions with highly dissociative persons while staying safe themselves.
  9. We offer a variety of non- dissociative seminar topics.
  10. We offer group consultations especially for resolving leadership conflicts.
  11. We produce audio/visual products.
  12. We publish written materials.

There is more detail to be found in the “Ministries Section”.
If you are interested in sponsoring a seminar or event in your area, please call us for details. Upcoming events are listed  in the “Events Section” and instruction for registration is available there.
Our store has products to enlighten and help you.

Golden Eagles: An intercessory prayer network of people dedicated to pray for A.C.A.C.I.A. and all activities in which we are involved.

We believe prayer is powerful.  Many people are retired and feel as though they have little purpose but have time and sometimes means.  Many of these people are solid Christians and have experience in intercession.  We have wonderful people to teach you how to be an intercessor if you do not have the skills and especially the very different ways to pray for the severely traumatized.  Our ministry has needs for provision of funds, staff, and prayer covering of all we do in ministry and our private lives. Our clients and their families and support people  need  prayer while they are actually doing the work of prayer counseling, preparing for it or reflecting  and living out the healing after it.

If you are interested in being a Golden Eagle, call our office.  They go way out there you know!

Obadiah Entourage: Trained people who provide agape love support for healing.

Many compassionate people want to help others.  We need you!!!!  But, too often, their personal healing needs only manage to further hurt the person they wanted to help. If you want to overcome this blockade and learn how to be a safe healer, we have a wonderful program for you to heal and learn strategies for agape support of the severely traumatized individuals. These people give wise safe emotional support to clients and often travel with A.C.A.C.I.A. staff for off-site ministry.

Our Jewish Roots: We promote unity with Jewish brothers and sisters through education, fellowship, support and practice.

When Jesus Christ walked the earth, he made it clear that the branch..Christians.. cannot survive with out the roots…Jewish People.   We encourage everyone to learn more about the Jewish Feasts, their meanings and to participate in them.  My daughter, Bethany, has hosted Passover Feasts which gave a deeper appreciation of our Christian  Heritage and more clear understanding of our future.   Our neighborhood Messianic Jewish Synagogue offers rich teaching during their Passover Feast to highlight the many references to  Jesus Christ, a Jew and our Saviour.  It is mysterious how years before His  miraculous birth, Jewish  People were celebrating Him and still are without recognizing it.

Many people I minister to in the westernized world are worn out or in “burnout”.  Mostly it is because we do not make time to rest. The reasons for this are many.  Industrial studies have shown a higher incidence of injury once a person has worked more than six days. Jesus  never released us from the Sabbath rest. I am not legalistically rigid about the day of the week  but we humans do need a day of rest.  It is interesting to me that in the English language the word Sabbath is inclusive of the smaller word “bath”.  All to say there is much benefit for us to embrace our immensely wealthy heritage as children of Abraham.

I hope this helps you to better understand what we are about. Thank you for your time and interest. Jesus healed those who came to Him. He did not require them to be a member of something or be a Christian.   He still heals those whom he created and who are in need. I pray and trust that the God of Creation will bless many people by this website, especially you, and  become your best friend too,  if He is not already.

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